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Nanton II Residence -Living Area

Nanton II Residence


Puget II Residence


West 15th Residence

West 15th Residence

West Point Grey

West 33rd Avenue / John Henshaw Architect Inc.

West 33rd Residence


Architecture + Interior

John Henshaw Architect Inc. (JHA™) is an award winning, interdisciplinary architectural and interior design firm with more than 25 years of experience. We are a versatile boutique firm, constantly updated on the latest building technologies, practices and design trends. We also stand for high quality in design, materials and workmanship. JHA offers a blend of eastern and western designs, while creating a well-planned space through architectural techniques and interior design features.

Our projects are designed to reflect the personalities of the client and to harmonize with the surrounding elements. Undivided attention is given to details to ensure that a functional home is also an aesthetically pleasing environment to live in.


Working with the team at JHA is nothing short of spectacular. They are very personable, they are willing to work with you to solve issues on site, their drawings are such a treat to work from and they are always available when something comes up. With all the changes in our industry, JHA has made the transition into building science and technological advancements effortless as they excel at incorporating it into their work and drawings seamlessly. I have worked with the JHA Team for over 6 years now and look forward to working with them on more award winning projects!
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