John Henshaw Architect Inc. (JHA©)

Dunbar Residence

Vancouver Westside

Nanton II Residence -Living Area

Nanton II Residence


Puget II Residence


Modern Shaughnessy by JHA™️ | Main Foyer

Modern Shaughnessy

Vancouver Westside

Marguerite Residence by JHA™️ | Exterior Front

Marguerite Residence


Entryway of a sunny contemporary home

Waterloo Residence

Vancouver Westside

Currie Residence


Architecture + Interior

John Henshaw Architect Inc. (JHA©) is a Vancouver-based architecture and interior design firm. With over two decades of experience in residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces, we specialize in delivering award-winning designs that exceed
client expectations.

Our meticulous process prioritizes top-tier design, high-quality materials, and exquisite workmanship, resulting in truly exceptional and personalized spaces.

Our bespoke projects seamlessly integrate client desires with the project’s context, resulting in thoughtfully crafted homes for life.


Working with the team at JHA is nothing short of spectacular. They are very personable, they are willing to work with you to solve issues on site, their drawings are such a treat to work from and they are always available when something comes up. With all the changes in our industry, JHA has made the transition into building science and technological advancements effortless as they excel at incorporating it into their work and drawings seamlessly. I have worked with the JHA Team for over 6 years now and look forward to working with them on more award winning projects!
Nikari Homes LTD.
We hired John and Joy to design the structure and interior of our new home. We were more than satisfied with the outcome. The team at John Henshaw Architect Inc are professional, courteous, responsive, and knowledgeable of the latest trends in home design. They were receptive to our ideas and tried their best to incorporate them into the design. They were also very careful to tailor their design suggestions to the project’s budget. Once construction commenced, they worked hand-in-hand with the builder to ensure that their design intentions were realized. I would without hesitation highly recommend the entire team at JHA Inc.
Mark S.
I had a great experience working with the JHA team. The team offers a full package services with both architectural, interior design, project management services and more. This meant that the working process was very streamlined and efficient. Having worked with them for more than one project, I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They combined my ideas and vision with their expertise and experience, to come up with a beautifully designed space. I am extremely happy with the service provided, and with the way our space turned out.
Andy F.
I've worked with the design team at JHA for years now and it's an absolute pleasure being able to be part of their creative direction. They put together stunning designs and manage to reflect the clients style and personality in their work. 100% love working with them!
Jess & ALex L.
Having personally worked with John Henshaw Architects for quite a few years, I have witnessed the amazing attention to detail of the firm. They are customer-centric and always go above and beyond to craft something perfect for their customers. They are highly innovative and love to push the envelope of design to constantly create something truly special. With the proven track record they have, they will be a wise choice as a partner on your next project.
Erich Saide Photography